The production of an exhibition is usually an adventure involving a group of professionals – sometimes more than others – and that can be a very complex task, so it is good to have very clear ideas about the objectives before taking the first step. It is more than advisable to rely on advance programming that covers all the phases that we must face, as if it were the control check of the pilot before take-off the aircraft. It’s a bar control system, or the analysis of critical steps to determine key stages that must be completed before moving on to the following and to the last. Visual control systems will show the complexity of a graphically very appropriate for those who are designers, we know, if it’s visual much better. This is particularly useful when on work already assigned to their specialists on control time or timming. In any case, we must always be very realistic when it comes to distribute these tareas-tiempo or even should we bow before the pessimism. We understand that anticipate setbacks to avoid unpleasant and costly problems – in money, relationship with the customer and image of our company to the contractor, even porveedores-, put us in the worst possible scenarios is very useful also. All this will require continuous reviews and updates; to be activity moving fast everything can change and have to manage those changes.